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The green Laser came as a package deal pretty much. I had sold the white FWD Talon and bought these two as a package which also required that I rebuild a NA 2.0 7 bolt for a friend. Labor only. Deal done the red FWD Laser was running in no time and I beat on it for weeks all the while prepping the green RS AWD for the swap.I really enjoyed the Green RS and also was please to find out that the trans it came with had a center diff locker which made it nasty off the line and fun on wet roads.

At some point I was offered one of those offers you can't refuse for this car and took it so the search was on for a new AWD. Came across this beauty in Louisville and jumped on it. Lady driven original owner bone stock. Went through and did the usual mods and maintenance, BS Delete, head studs etc to make a sweet daily. Ended up with a small 16 680cc and running 22-24lbs. Soon after that a deer strike on Bluegrass PKY took it's toll on the front right and hood.At that point a complete paint was inevidable.

My son's NA Eclipse 2008

Before the paint was ever completed I found myself getting married to and supposedly getting out of the DSM game.

That lasted a couple years then I found the VAN!


About JST!

The car that started it all.Photo 1993

This was my 1988 Chevy Sprint Turbo. Really the first car I ever bought and paid for. It was powered by a 1.0 L turbocharged three cylinder Suzuki engine.

This car went through many changes over the 11 years that I owned it but one thing remained the same... it's reliability. Definitly not the nicest car but it was very reliable.

I frequented car shows up and down the east coast with this car and competed in a few IASCA events in the early 90'sPhoto 1998

When I finally sold this car in 1999 I still managed to get nearly four times its book value. It had alot of customization and audio equipment in it and it was definitly one car I wish I still had! If I could find one today it would be mine.

Since then I had a couple other sports cars but wasn't really satisfied until I got back into the turbo cars.

Photo 2003

My first Eagle Talon sparked my love for the DSM. Of course buying it in a non running condition it wasn't long before I had it running. Lucky for me it was a power to the ECU issue that was easialy remidied. In no time I was cranking on it. Went through and did the basic maintenance and the car never left me on the side of the road. Problem was it was FWD.

Then came the GREEN MACHINE!

Crappy digital cameras back in 2004!!! Selfies weren't even cool back then!