1992 Mitsubishi Expo SP Automatic Trans being swapped with a fresh 6bolt 4G63TDSM on Jackstands HMMMM... Well that's how this one started it's re-birth.

First issue. I think someone watered the gas or somehting the entire fuel system was trashed. Cleaned with acid and a new pump for now but later had to be entirely replaced.Got some new shoes for $250. Not what I had in mind but oh well. Ballin on a budget I can get better wheels later.Once the automatic trans started messing up I decided to go ahead with the swap since I had a spare 4G63 laying around to rebuild.Some port cleaning and polishing removing all casting marks and opening the exhaust ports a bit for better flow.Almost together.

Shaved and polished intake and valve coner add at least 10HP.



Swapping ring and Pinion on the rear. Donor car was a 1GB GSX with a viscous rear.

Swap In Progress




I fabricated a new 8 gallon fuel tank to go in place of the factory tank or half of it at least.

The space on the other side was filled with a new Optima battery with a custom mount from aluminum.

Wiring was time consuming but I saved the best for last. This was all completed the week before the 2014 DSM Shootout to make the journey with no issues.














Innovate SCG-1

Absolutely one of the best tuning tools I have messed with. After Setupo easy to use on the fly boost control. Logged directly on my ECM link. All in one Gauge.












First picture of the van1992 Mitsubishi Expo (Chariot) AWD

1st Pic and it had been setting 7 years.

Had it running in a week after cleaning the entire fuel system and drove it for months with the original engine and auto trans.

6Bolt 4G64 2.4 Original EngineSwapped to a 6 Bolt 4G63 2.0 Turbo Engine

Mods include:

4G63 6Bolt Block w/BSD Stock Bottom End

ARP Head Studs OEM Head Gasket

Ported and Polished Head New SS Valves Guides and Seals

Adjustable Cam Gears -3 DEG on Exhaust

Gates Timing Belt

EGR and EVAP Delete

Forced Performance Coated Cast Manifold

Forced Performance FPRed 76 HTZ

Forced Performance Turbo Oil Filter

SS 4AN Oil Feed From Filter Housing

10AN Push Lock Oil Drain & Welded Pan Fitting

Ebay Front Mount w/all piping custom welded

ECM Link V3 Speed Density

INNOVATE SCG-1 Wide Band O2/Boost Controller

Prosport Oil and Fuel Pressure Gauges

8 Gallon Custom Fuel Cell

Aeromotive 340 Stealth In Tank

6AN SS line to OEM Filter and Rail

Aeromotive AFPR

NGK Plugs and Wires

Auto to Manual Conversion and 1GA 5SPD Trans

Findanza Aluminum Flywheel

ACT 2600 w/Street Disc

Camo Van